Semi Nude with Zooples #5



Hand-embellished print of a large orange and yellow flower on the top left with a semi-nude figure at the center. Signed top right, "Max".

"Zooples" is the name Peter Max has given to the little squiggles he often includes in his work. This print was added to the collection shortly after the Library’s 2001 renovation. The donor, raised in Skokie, said that when he was in college he remembered seeing only drab, grey walls in the university library when he looked up from his books. Now a Skokie Public Library user, he wanted to give his fellow patrons something interesting to see when they looked up from their books.

This item is on display in the Community Engagement Meeting Room on the First Floor.


In Copyright

Physical Dimensions

18 1/4 x 23 1/4 in.