Skokie Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

The Cosmos Club, a women's civic organization, were the original force behind that first iteration of our "free public library" in 1930, which occupied the second floor of the Blameuser Building at the corner of Oakton Street and Lincoln Avenue in what was then called Niles Center.

The Library’s first governing board was appointed in August 1930 and consisted of: Mrs. Alan Wile, Honorary Chairman, Mrs. William O. Fagan, Chairman, Mrs. O. Kuhn, Mrs. Paul W. Wilkes, Mrs. Glen Williams, Mrs. J.J. Musil, Mrs. A. J. Davies, and Mrs. E.G. Hall. Since the appointment of that esteemed group of civic-minded Skokie (then called Niles Center) women, the library has grown in popularity, collection size, and dimensions.

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