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Call to Order; Comments from observers; Approval of the minutes of the June 14, 2023 regular and closed meetings; Director's report; Annual reports FY 2022-2023; Approval of construction bids for third floor renovation; quarterly investment update;…

Call to Order; Approval of the minutes of the regular and annual meetings of May 10, 2023; Director's Report; Approval of the May 2023 disbursement report; Consent agenda; Annual reports; Approval of the night cleaning service proposal; Approval of…

Call to Order; Annual meeting. Approval of FY 2024-2025 Board Meeting Calendar, Election of Officers; Adjournment.

Call to Order; Administration of oath of office for library trustees; Approval of Bluepoint Rapid Emergency Response System proposal; Approval of the Minutes of regular and closed meetings of April 12, 2023 and the special meeting of April 14, 2023;…

Special meeting, Legislative breakfast held at Skokie Public Library

Includes of review of closed session minutes.
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