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Painted steel sculpture of a yellow figure with curved, extended fins and tail with red horns holding a black and yellow fish. Installed on a steel post. Undated. Artist unknown.This artwork is not currently on display.

Painted steel sculpture comprised of red-painted disks and crossbars. Undated and artist unknown.This artwork is not currently on display.

Black and white image made in the style of a stone rubbing. Depicts a dancing figure, probably an apsara—a dancing cloud and water spirit in Buddhist and Hindu mythology—from Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Undated.Located on the east wall in the northeast…

Wool wall hanging is composed of bright pinks and reds with pale orange, olive green, and yellow. Overall amorphous shapes with one large circle in the top center. Long fringe at the bottom. Hung from a carved walnut wood dowel. Donated to the…

Abstract acrylic painting in gray and white in the upper portion in a wave effect. Red, orange, and blue wavy pattern in the lower left. Signed on the bottom right, “Tuna 1 May 1977.” Gift in memory of James O. Burke, Andy Frain, and John R. Sobeck.…

Abstract color wash with gray, yellow, purple, orange, and black. The square painting hung at a 90-degree angle. Noted on verso: "Zero One Two" and "1/1976".On original plaque: TunaENERGYacrylic on canvasGift of the Familyin memory of Dr. Romuald…

Triptych painting dedicated to Jewish children killed in the Holocaust. Left panel depicts foreground of green grass with a dove surrounded by barbed wire with a smoky fire in background against a blue sky. Center panel depicts a child wearing green…

This poster comprises images of the 56 different artist-made playing cards that were exhibited at Printworks Gallery in Chicago to benefit “Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization,” a national charity based in Chicago at the time. The participating…
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