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Painted steel sculpture of a yellow figure with curved, extended fins and tail with red horns holding a black and yellow fish. Installed on steel post. Undated. Artist unknown.

Painted steel sculpture comprised of red painted disks and cross bars. Undated and artist unknown.

Wall hanging composed of bright pinks and reds with pale orange, olive green, and yellow. Overall amorphous shapes with one large circle in top center. Long fringe at bottom. Hung from wood pole.

Abstract acrylic painting in gray and white in upper portion in wave effect. Red, orange, and blue wavy pattern in lower left. Signed on bottom right, “Tuna 1 May 1977.” Gift in memory of James O. Burke, Andy Frain and John R. Sobeck. The artist,…

Arched, abstract, three-legged sculpture with curved, angled, pointed top. Bronze with green patina on a custom marble base. On plaque: “Brian Monaghan/Search/Bronze/Purchased in honor of/Mary Radmacher/Chief Librarian 1956 – 1985/by/The Kihara…

Two symmetrical steel forms joined together in the top center. Constructed of Corten steel, an oxidized steel that develops a rust-looking patina that prevents weather damage. About this piece, the artist remarked, “Its symmetry is a recurring theme…

Wall sculpture, constructed from mixed media including papier maché, of a box that appears to have a tube running through it from top to bottom. In the center of the box facing outward is a circular opening with a smiling face. Overall light…

Long, narrow, vertical wall tapestry in browns, beige, and gray, depicting used artist's paint brushes. In background top "Carte Postale.” This piece is one of an edition of 16 tapestries woven in Belgium on Jacquard looms.Alan Magee began working…

Landscape painting of brown and beige mountains with snowy drifts and watery blue sky. Artist's chop marks top right and bottom left. On plaque: “Lydia Hwang/SILENCE (WINTER SCENERY)/Gift of/Friends of Mary Radmacher”. Lydia Hwang (Pei-Quincita)…

Whimsical painting depicting animals, trees, and books painted in bright, vibrant colors. Signed bottom left. On plaque: "Norris Hall/Jungle Library/1991". The painting was purchased for Skokie Public Library’s 50th Anniversary with support from the…
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