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Salvador Dalí’s “Vietnam Peace Suite” comprises four colored lithographs, produced in 1973 to celebrate the conclusion of the war in Vietnam.From left to right, “Warrior’s Dream,” depicts horses with riders against a blue sky; “Peace at Last” depicts…

CURRENTLY NOT ON DISPLAY. Find out more about the Skokie Public Library Renovation. Hand-embellished print of a large orange and yellow flower on top left with semi-nude figure at center. Signed top right, "Max". On plaque: "Peter Max/SEMI-NUDE WITH…

Signed offset print depicting coat rack with brown coat, slippers, military uniform, and a building at right. Text, “Salomoni” at top. Signed in bottom right. On plaque: “Tito Salomoni/Untitled Graphic/Gift of the Schutz Family” Tito Salomoni…
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