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Painted steel sculpture of a yellow figure with curved, extended fins and tail with red horns holding a black and yellow fish. Installed on steel post. Undated. Artist unknown.

Painted steel sculpture comprised of red painted disks and cross bars. Undated and artist unknown.

Cast in bronze, this three-piece suite of sculptures includes: “Pulling Up,” a jockey on a horse in mid stride; “Male Jockey,” a male jockey standing with hand on right hip; and “Female Jockey,” a standing female jockey. This suite is part 91 of an…

Arched, abstract, three-legged sculpture with curved, angled, pointed top. Bronze with green patina on a custom marble base. On plaque: “Brian Monaghan/Search/Bronze/Purchased in honor of/Mary Radmacher/Chief Librarian 1956 – 1985/by/The Kihara…

Two symmetrical steel forms joined together in the top center. Constructed of Corten steel, an oxidized steel that develops a rust-looking patina that prevents weather damage. About this piece, the artist remarked, “Its symmetry is a recurring theme…

Wall sculpture, constructed from mixed media including papier maché, of a box that appears to have a tube running through it from top to bottom. In the center of the box facing outward is a circular opening with a smiling face. Overall light…

Abstract wall sculpture made from welded bronze, copper and steel gasket forms. On plaque: “Ted Gall/View from McCormick/Gift of/Federal-Mogul Corporation/2010” The sculpture was created during the 1970s and was located in the Fel-Pro building on…

Circular form wall sculpture in silver and gold colored metals. At the right edge is the profile of an abstracted head with open mouth. Five gold-tone beads appear to come from the mouth. On plaque:Ted GallContinued DialogPlate aluminum and copper…

Cast steel and copper sculpture of a woman with a shield and spear. On plaque:Presented ToThe Skokie LibraryBy Skokie Art GuildPrimitive WomanSculptor--E. Corley1967

Sculpture of a continuous curved piece of polished and burnished stainless steel with double loop effect reminiscent of swimming swans. The piece was commissioned specifically for placement in the Water Court on the Library’s First Floor. Weighing…
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