Silence (Winter Scenery)



Landscape painting of brown and beige mountains with snowy drifts and watery blue sky. Artist's chop marks top right and bottom left.

On original plaque:
Lydia Hwang
Gift of
Friends of Mary Radmacher
Lydia Hwang (Pei-Quincita) studied the fundamentals of traditional Chinese brush painting for ten years under Professor Chen, Hong-Zen, a well-known artist of Chinese calligraphy, brush painting, sculpture, and woodblock painting. In 1975, Hwang immigrated to the United States where she continued her art career. She studied with professors Monica Liu, and Mr. Chi-An Yang. Hwang worked at Skokie Public Library for over twenty years.

This painting is not currently on display.

Physical Dimensions

21 1/2 x 30 in.