Gideon and Auerbach



Long, narrow, vertical wall tapestry in browns, beige, and gray, depicting used artist's paint brushes. In background top "Carte Postale.” This piece is one of an edition of 16 tapestries woven in Belgium on Jacquard looms.

Alan Magee began working with tapestries in 2002 using a technique developed by artists Donald Farnsworth and John Nava. Magee began his career as an award-winning illustrator for magazines and book covers. In the late 1970s, he embarked on his painting career, producing highly realistic, detailed works that are in museum and private collections in the United States and Europe. He lives in Maine and works in a variety of media, including sculptures, tapestries, and computer-generated collages.


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Physical Dimensions

100 x 43 in.